Andy & James McLaughlin are a folk duo from the North East of England, performing original songs and tunes interwoven with traditional Celtic music.

We're currently making plans for 2015/2016! Please contact us via e-mail if you'd like us to come and play for you.



13th July 2015 — Soaking up some Breton music in Saint-Malo this summer - wonderful Fest Noz to finish the Folklores du Monde festival. A couple of tunes at sunset on the walls of Saint-Malo.

7th December 2014 — Our new album All Rivers Run to the Sea is now available! Please contact us if you'd like a copy.

28th July 2014 — Sweltering weekend and really enjoyable performances at Warwick Folk Festival

20th July 2014 — Sets sorted for our performances at Warwick Folk Festival 2014!

19th July 2014 — Andy solo at Banners of the North Folk Festival this weekend

20th June 2014 — Our new album All Rivers Run to the Sea is now complete and is in production...

26th April 2014 — The penultimate track for our new album is now recorded and off to be mastered!

14th April 2014 — All sessioned out after a fantastic weekend with the Tuneworks crowd who came up for a festival "planning" weekend...

1st March 2014 — Spring is here! We've been hard at work all winter recording our new album All Rivers Run to the Sea and we've uploaded some tracks to SoundCloud. Looks like we're going to have a busy summer performing as a duo and of course with Tuneworks... should be a good'un!

17th September 2013 — Just back from a brilliant weekend teaching with Tuneworks at Bromyard Folk Festival. Lovely way to finish off the festival season.

9th September 2013 — Cracking night performing at Sedgefield Folk Festival, as expected. Great venue and great crowd.

27th August 2013Shrewsbury Folk Festival was a blast. Tuneworks is going from strength to strength and attracting people of all ages and abilities - we seem to be getting our message across of breaking down the musical borders. Tunes are tunes!

22nd August 2013 — On our way down to Shrewsbury Folk Festival for the Tuneworks workshops... hang on to your hats!

29th July 2013 — Just back from Tuneworks @ Warwick Folk Festival 2013. Really enthusiastic players, made the weekend a pleasure as always!

9th July 2013 — A wonderful trip to a beautiful part of the world — the Channel Islands. A magical ferry ride from Guernsey to Sark, and a lovely audience for our performance at Sark Folk Festival. What a weekend, and thanks to everyone involved for making it happen.

10th July 2013 — Excited to confirm that we'll be appearing at Sark Folk Festival this year!

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